with thanks

A to Z 136

"The essence of all beautiful art is... gratitude."

Thanks are due in no small measure to my wife Jane for the support and encouragement she has given and continues to give me; none of this would have happened without her so big XXXs always.

Thanks, too, to James Pegg, Jim White, Claire-Monique Martin, all at The Malachites, all the brides and all the grooms, to Nath Estorge, Nick Lim, to the helpful celebrants I've met, and to all those who've listened to me bang on about this passion of mine.

For more photography quotes like those found here, head to where Douglas McCulloh has assembled a comprehensive, searchable and above all inspirational tool for anyone with an interest in this most wonderful, frustrating and beautiful art.

A thousand photographers and their pictures have inspired me, far too many to mention here, but some current obsessions include John Dolan (American and Irish photographs of families / weddings / people, photos that are outstanding in their beautiful simplicity), Daniel Milnor at Shifter, Gregory Crewdson (oh the depth!) and Zack Arias (less noise and much much more signal).